Friday, May 21, 2010


Dillon is soo cute right now! Today, we were walking my friend's stroller with her baby in it. D and H are actually friends. D often plays well with H even though H is only 8 months. So as we were walking I just said, "Bao Bae, gay H ching-ching!" (translation: BB, give H a kiss!) And she walked over and gave H a kiss!!
It was awesome. And when I was putting her down to bed this evening, she kept looking up for kisses!! She wanted about a dozen kisses and then she was laughing. It was SO CUTE!
These are the best days ever!
My mother is in town right now and she says, "Ooh, D is soo cute! You should really have another one!"
I said, "Why? They only get cute when they are 15 months...if I could birth one and have her come out 15 months old..."
My mom, "Well, go and invent that then..."

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