Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here, puppy!

Another good more food story:
So, the other day I'm at Storytime at our downtown library and mind you, I always make sure that I've fed D before we go so she's not hungry. Even though her eyes always still get big when she sees other kids with their little snack cups. Yesterday was really funny. Since she knows my black baby bag usually houses snackies for her, she often goes for it and wants me to open it up. This time, I just had some wasa crackers (similar to cardboard...but she likes it sometimes!) Yesterday, not so much. She just kind of broke it up, sucked on it a bit and then saw the little boy next to us with a whole spill proof snack cup full of goldfish crackers. She marched right up to him, plopped herself next to his snack cup and said, "Hi!" in her super cute high pitched, singsongy voice. SO cute! But, of course, the boy was not sharing.
Today, she had her lunch - pasta with eggplant and then sat down with my friend and me and ate some grilled cheese.
After her lunch, I was sitting around finishing my own lunch and she comes over to get some bitefuls.
When my mom comes out, I fix her a salad. As she sits down to eat, D clamors up to her on the couch, plops herself down and says, "Hi!" again, high pitched sing-songy voice. So of course my mom gives her bites of her salad - an avo here, a piece of cheese there, then some tomato...
I looked at my mom and said, "Gawd, she's like a dog. She'll be your best friend if you give her treats..."
My mom's reply, "Yes! You lost your dog and here you gained one..." Hahah!!

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