Monday, May 17, 2010


D has inadvertently learned the sign language for milk and for eat. She usually signs "eat" after I ask her if she wants to eat..but she signs for "milk" all the time which makes me think she is just using it for the novelty of it. Sure, she loves her milk but come ON girl. You can't want to drink that much milk.
Maybe she also thinks it means water too, but maybe not so much. She usually shakes her head no when I try to offer her water instead of milk.
And now she seems to think my baby bag is an endless source of food so she is constantly motioning for it when she sees it in the car.
I swear, D is a machine when it comes to eating. She always wants to eat.
The other day, she is sitting in the living room watching her "Your Baby Can Read" DVD and she hears G in his office clinking the spoon in his cereal bowl so she jumps of the couch and goes toddling over to him and proceeds to ask for some cereal and eats the rest of it. Mind you, she's already had her own big breakfast.
So here is the schedule. She usually wakes up, we feed her her breakfast. Then we play but while we are playing G and I are usually trying to fix our own breakfast, whatever it might be. By the time we finish prepping our breakfast and try to eat it, she wants some too. So she will have some. Then after playing some more, she wanders into the kitchen and peruses the entire countertop for anything she can put in her mouth to eat. So she will snack some more.
Seriously...this is pretty ridiculous. I mean, she's a baby. I'm not going to deprive her of eating but come on now, darling. She's eating five to seven meals a day.
But it's good to know that she is not prone to over-consumption at least. The other evening, we took her out to a party with us where she snacked on a bunch of the goodies there. When we got home and tried to feed her dinner, she was shaking her head "No". Nope, not hungry, thanks. So, I feel pretty good about that. I just have to make sure that she snacks on healthy things throughout the day!

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  1. have the baby can read things! a business acquaintance got it for us for paulina...haven't done it...would love to hear what you think about it.
    email me!
    glad you posted...have been missing you!