Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A little smugness

Now that D's a bit older we are not so crazy about her taking naps. If she misses one, we don't get all crazy on her. But we are better off if she does take her nap so she's kinder, not so crazy, whiney and needy.
The other day, she goes out with her dad on an adventure, falls asleep in the car on the way home and then wakes up when they get home, but she has not napped long enough. She's crying and saying she wants a light saber (which was what her father promised her before they even left the house) So he takes her to get a light saber, we have lunch when they get home and dad says, "Okay, D, you know you need to go take a nap now, right?" She responds, "Yes."
She takes her little blankie and goes off to her bed.
She's quiet in there, we're ignoring her but then 40 minutes later, Dad goes to suit up for a bike ride and as soon as he leaves the house, D comes out.
I say, "Did you take a nap?" She says, "No..."
I respond, "Okay. That's fine."
So she goes about her merry business. We're having a fine time.
Dad comes home and I say to him, "Your daughter did not take a nap today...."
Dad say, "Oh, I know. She was talking to me when I was in the garage so I told her just to go out of her room if she didn't feel like napping."
I'm sitting around in my office, doing some work and D is flitting about the house just happy as a clam.
And at one point, she prances into my room and prances out mockingly repeating in a sing-songy voice, "Your daughter did not take a nap today..." as she happily exits my room!
Seriously?? This girl is too much.

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