Friday, April 13, 2012

The mind of a three year old

The other morning I was frantically looking for my car keys. We were running late for school and I never really put my keys anywhere but in the side pocket of my bag or in the dish that holds all keys. This particular morning my keys were nowhere to be found. I am digging through my bag, looking in pants and jacket pockets all the while saying, "Where are my keys? I can't find my keys."
D's following me around saying, "Mama, what are you doing?"
While I reply, "D, I can't find my keys."
I even look in G's office. Nowhere.
In my mind I am thinking there's no way D could've taken them. Plus, never mind asking her since the last time we played this game (about 5 months ago or more) she blankly just said, "No, I haven't seen the flashlight...." Though later we found it in her play purse.
But I was at a loss so I turned to D and said, "D, did you play with mommy's keys?"
D replies, "Uh-huh!" Nodding a yes!
I say, "Do you remember where you put them?"
D replies happily, "Uh-huh! Of course!" And she points them out behind the coat rack where she's also stored my hand sanitizer and her dad's hair gel.
I mean, that just goes to show you how simple is the mind of a three year old. She was not connecting that I was running around looking for my keys and that I wouldn't know she misplaced them. But when I asked her directly she could answer.

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