Tuesday, April 10, 2012

She's like me!

Normally when I am posting that D is like me I am lamenting because clearly she has inherited my terrible temper and my loud mouth. I think she's also a bit shy which is odd since I don't think I became shy until waaay later in life.
(Those who know me would be surprised to hear me refer to myself as "shy" but people, please don't confuse snarky and sarcasm with being shy. :o) Yes, I tend to be "shy" in crowd situations, but I get to know people right quickly and then I don't beat around the bush being sarcastic and acting like I've known you forever.)
Lately, I've been noticing that D is very precise when she is eating. She likes to eat the frosting off first, then the cake, that sort of thing. That is like me when I was younger! In fact, I still do that sometimes. While eating a kit kat, I don't just bite into it. I like to eat the chocolate off first, then eat the waffle pieces separately. It's kind of neat to see how D is like me in that way. Maybe not quite to that extreme.

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