Sunday, February 12, 2012

Listening, but not really

Today was really funny! D has not been drinking any water. I mean, who would when you've discovered sugar drinks?? Anyhoo, D wants a "pouch" which is one of those Happy Baby fruit/veggies baby food pouches that now toddlers love to eat as snacks.
So I hand her her sippy cup which is half full and say, "D, I am bringing a pouch with me, but you will not get it until you've finished half your water in your sippy cup."
So, she's back in her car seat sipping away and asking periodically, "Is this half, Mama? Is this half?" And between me and her dad, we are answering, "No." "No." All the while, G and I are having a conversation and just randomly saying, "No." without even looking over at her and then she's saying, "Mama! Is this half? Is this?" And I reply, "No."
And she makes a frowny face and says, "But there isn't any more..."
And we look and low and behold the girl has finished all her water!! We were so excited and laughing. It was very funny...but maybe you just had to be there?

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