Saturday, February 11, 2012

I told you so...

Sometimes, it just feels good to have something happen that I forewarn D about...
Like today when I was mopping the floors I kept telling her to stay put. Just sit in the big armchair. Don't move because the floors are wet. I don't want you to slip and fall.
Did she listen? No. Before I could get the floors dry, she is skipping around on the floor and then all of a sudden - BAM!
Yup, she fell. She knew better than to howl. My girl's smart. She knows I just told her earlier not to run around on the wet floor...however, she also wanted to see if I would go coddle her and of course, I didn't.
She cried out a bit, not a "I'm hurt cry" but more of a "Did you hear me fall" cry. "Are you gonna come pick me up" cry.
I just said to her, "What did I tell you? I told you the floor was wet and that you'd fall...."
Is it wrong that I felt a little self-satisfied?

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