Saturday, December 10, 2011

Looking at you, looking at me

Oh, dear D....sometimes I look at you and the things that I can't stand about you...are from me.
Like, I hate that you get up SO EARLY in the morning!! Last weekend, I had posted on FB that I was up at 7am (before even), sitting on the couch reading a magazine and drinking tea. Bliss. But how did that come about?? Because you were not home! You were at Auntie A's for a sleepover.
I love waking up early...around 7 is good for me but I'll do 6:30. But you..YOU..insist on getting up around 6am (your clock is set for 6:15 which I have now changed to 6:30) but you rarely now stay in bed until then. Actually, lately you have been getting up around 5:45 and I want to D-I-E...
But I was always an early riser, still am but you beat me to it...I hate it.
And, I really don't like that you have such a terrible temper. Well, and I know you get that from me too because your father does not have a temper. Blah.
Sometimes I want to shake you and say, "Why can't you be more like your father??!!!"

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