Friday, December 2, 2011

Ahh, peaceful bliss

Can you guess what's going on over here? D is away for the evening! Whoopeee!!!
Y'know, I was at my friend's house earlier this evening and her mother asked, "So, are you gonna miss D tonight?
You KNOW my reply, "No." Not one bit. I don't have co-dependency with my daughter. I don't have to be with her 24/7. It doesn't mean I don't love her. It just means that I appreciate my own space.
And, as I've posted before, being a mother to me is like looking in the mirror, being not quite satisfied with what I see and working hard to be better. Soooo, naturally I appreciate a breather once in a while! I know she is a great girl when she is around others. She is a doll and so well-behaved so I don't have to worry about what she's getting into. I also know that my sister ADORES D so I don't have to worry about her well-being. It would be sad if I didn't allow D to spend the night at her cousin's! She loooves H.
Everybody has to grow up sometime. And the fact that D just looked at me and said, "Buh-bye" this afternoon when I warned her that I was not going with her to Auntie A's reassured me that she wanted to be with A and H. :oD Whoohooo! Whooohoo!! More, please.

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