Monday, August 22, 2011


Yeay! D had her first sleepover yesterday at her cousin, H's house. D was so excited about it and kept asking about it since last Friday! She just loves her cousin, H!
So, here comes the time when my sister and the two girls are leaving the house and they are in the car. G and I are in the driveway waving good bye and G, of course, is asking, "Is she going to be okaaay?" OF COURSE SHE'S GONNA BE OKAY! And my sister, A rolls down the window for the girls to wave bye-bye and D yells out the window, "Mama! Go inside!"
Oh, okay. Well there you have it. I guess she's fine. :o)
After she is put to bed, A did call me to give me an update. Yes, D is asleep right now. No, she did not just go happily into her crib. She did start to cry a little. Not wailing but just sad asking where Mama is. She said, "But it's night time. Where's mama?" Awwww...truly she's never really been put to bed without me except for maybe two other times in her young life.
But A held her and talked to her. Asked her if she was afraid and explained that she didn't have to be afraid. That auntie, uncle and H were all there for her. A even had H crawl into bed and pretend to sleep. That seemed to soothe D a little. A was able to put her in her crib and shut the door. Then I guess D cried again but A gave it five minutes before she would go in again and sure enough right about 5 minutes, silence. D had fallen asleep!
Now, given this, the morning wake up could've gone two ways - D could wake up crying and wanting to see me or she could wake up and just be excited to see H. Luckily, it was the latter.
Success! Maybe we should do this more often so she doesn't forget how fun it is to have a sleepover. :oD

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