Friday, August 26, 2011

Building confidence

How does one address a child who is screaming over the fact that her cousin wants to take a nap? Actually, if anyone tries to close their eyes for a bit of downtime while in D's presence, she will get upset and will scream. Not a blood curdling scream but just a short scream to scare you out of sleep.
It all started when she was really young - a baby and she screamed when her grandfather shut his eyes. We thought it was funny at the time so we let her continue and it became a, not so funny.
And I'm trying not to be the mother who just screams at her kid and tells her to not do that. I'm trying to communicate with her and ask her why is she screaming? Why can't H sleep? D's response - Because I don't want her to. Well, I just don't want her to. How does one work with this??
So today I said, "Well, D if H closes her eyes, is it hurting you?" D: "No." Me: "Okay, then we should let her close her eyes. Is that okay with you?" D: "Yes."
Did it work? Not sure...
Later D asks, "What is H doing?" My response, "Don't concern yourself with what H is doing, please. You just worry about yourself."
Silence from D. That was good enough for me. Eventually, she turned her head, her eyes got droopy and she fell into slumber...which was what I was looking for from the beginning of the car ride. Exasperating, no?

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