Friday, December 18, 2009

Julie & Julia

Siiigh..I have been neglecting my little blog and now, watching Julie & Julia, it has sparked me right back up! I need to get back onto this little blog.
How will I remember all the little things that drive me CRAZY about D right now? How her loudness both grates my nerves and makes me laugh...
So D has now decided she wants to voice her opinion when it comes to eating. She is not obediently just taking food into her mouth and swallowing as I feed it to her. Now, she spits when she is not happy. Or maybe she is spitting b/c she is happy and could care less about eating. Perhaps this child does not understand that this food I feed her is sustenance and if she doesn't eat, she will just go hungry. After all, there is always her milk.
Hmm, not sure what is going on, but it certainly makes for a VERY messy dining experience every time we feed her. Mostly lunches and dinners because I only feed her pureed fruit in the mornings with yogurt and she seems to never really mind fruit. She likes when I feed her french toast too, or rather when I make her french toast and she can feed herself.
G announced today, "Maybe D just wants to be able to feed herself. Maybe she just doesn't like pureed food anymore." Well, darling, that is all good and well, however, the baby has but two baby teeth on her bottom shelf. She can hardly just eat what we eat. Poor babe.

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  1. Hey Bel,
    I'm revving up my skills on baby food making myself as my Plump P (formula too, baby!) turns 6 months on 1/1/10. Your gal is definitely ready for lumpier stuff cuz I'm already stressing that she won't be progressing to lumpy stuff fast enough since I've already "delayed" to 6 months to start!

    My sweet Bel, you have NO IDEA how crazy you are gonna feel once Dillon is older. I seriously CANNOT STAND TL on many occasions and wonder if there is a club out there for moms who dislike their preschoolers. I know, I am so mean...or rather, I think it's more that I'm so honest & will say it.

    Anyway, glad you posted again. Love the xmas card! :-D