Wednesday, December 23, 2009

By george, I think I've got it!

Light bulb over the head here. Since D doesn't like her food pureed anymore but only has 2 bottom teeth and two half teeth on top, she can't get all her necessary nutrients by just little pieces of solid food. So, now I make solids and mix it in with the purees! Hahah! I am so proud of myself. I mean, I'm pretty sure that is obvious...I'm just slow to the starting gate, but hey, at least I got there.
Yes, Dillon now gets her morning oatmeal with blueberries mixed in and a side of some blueberries for her to pick at. Her lunch today was pureed lamb with solid pieces of eggplant! She ate the whole thing! And peas and sweet potato to pick at. Dinner was fish that her daddy made her with green and yellow squash puree! Genius! Genius! Can you tell how excited I am?
Yes. I'm pretty excited.
Now I'm off to try and figure out what I'm going to have to cook up and pack for our trip to Utah this Sunday.

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  1. yum-o! what a great baby cook you are! i'm gonna start paulina on rice cereal on 1/1. she's been watching us eat lately & her little mouth starts chomping...on nothing, but in anticipation! :-D would LOVE to feed her stuff like lamb & eggplant. SOMEBODY in my family's gotta like to eat the stuff I like to eat! Wow - have a great time in Utah!!