Monday, November 16, 2009

Brothers & Sisters

You know...I'd love to meet the writers for Brothers & Sisters because they are SO good at pinpointing character flaws, that are often just part of being human.
As I am watching this evening, all of a sudden, I get an epiphany - are all Nora's (the mother) kids messed up because she is so messed up?? Greg replies, "Yes."
I mean, it slowly unfolds in my mind that in most of the episodes, her daughters exhibit minor character flaws that leave them very messed up when it comes to relationships and then this episode deals with Nora's own messed up relationship!
It's crazy! However, I am pretty bad ass when it comes to relationships (hehe!) so hopefully, some of that will rub off onto Dillon and she won't be some whiney sappy girl running around with a senseless broken heart. Of course, if she reads this blog, she certainly now will not be such. :o)

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