Monday, September 12, 2011

Over NVC

I think I might be over Non-violent communication. Well to be honest, I did not even do any reading up on it and just tried to glean what I could from watching the teachers at D's school. Just a lot of finding out what these kids are feeling and getting them to use their words to express their feelings rather than acting out.
I mean, I was beginning to think that "time outs" weren't that great because it leaves the child feeling ostracized (?) Just seems like we should be able to "talk" things out.
But, seriously...what are you to say to a child who responds to "Why did you scratch daddy?" With, "Because I wanted to." Because a butterfly...
"D, why do you always reference a butterfly? What does that mean to you?"
D: "It goes 'ssssss'"

WHAAAT? Whatever man...

But also, I watched an interaction today between two children. One kid was chasing the other kid with a magnifying glass. The other kid being chased kept saying, "No, I don't like that. Don't chase me with that." (Perfect example of communication and moving away from said annoyance)
But the instigator kept chasing him. So a teacher intervened and was saying to instigator, "Hey, X, I here Y saying that he doesn't want to be chased by you with the magnifying glass." Instigator still trying to tap the other kid and really, smirking at the teacher. Finally the teacher just led him away to distract him. Was that useful? Was that helpful? I'm not so sure. Sure, the teacher did not resort to telling the kid what to do directly but wouldn't a simple, "Hey, X, please stop doing that to Y." have sufficed? Who needs to hear kids feelings anyway? Hahahah.

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