Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh nooo I DI'ENT

Y'know, I attended the Waldorf Buttercup program in Nashville when we lived there and they are very against any kind of electronics. Computers and televisions are no good and iPhones, for shame! I kind of buy into that theory that all that stuff is bad for their overall development. I can't say how but I just buy into it and that's that. G and I were extremely busy and D did a great job of just entertaining herself. She loves to crawl into little boxes and pretend like she is in a car going someplace.
Just as I was shutting down (due to guilt that I am not paying enough attention to my child), G comes up with a great idea - Hey! I found the Ni Hao Kai Lan DVD....should we put that in to buy us an hour?? Then you and I can both get some serious work done.
While I hesitated for a short moment cuz "TV is bad"...I could not ignore the ability to get some serious work done this morning! So, we plopped her in front of the TV. Might not have been for the full hour...I don't think. But it was brainless TV nonetheless.
Sigh. I feel terrible. But at least I got my work done.

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  1. oh, B. You are such a good first time mom. P knows TONS of letters & numbers & can count & colors & shapes & ALLLLL that stuff cuz she watches a lot of TV. Ya know, I watched a ton of TV as a child & I think it helped shape my sense of humor. ;-) I read recently that TV is more bad cuz it tends to get kids more obese & non-interactive. My kids are purty interactive & I am getting more & more of a health freak, so ehhh...what can u do...u do what u gotta do. :-)