Saturday, February 28, 2009

The boppy

Greg's sister told us a great new trick! She used to drape her daughter across the boppy and had her nap like that. Hey! That works! We've tried the swing chair, the vibrating chair, Greg swings her in her car seat to put her to sleep...and yet, here is this easy trick. She's sleeping peacefully. Oh wait, I spoke too soon. She just woke up and wants to be on the breast, yet again. cute as she is, sometimes I just get tired of being at this baby's beck and call. And I refuse to neglect my longtime babies - the bullies. Rocky now is super needy and wants to sleep on my body too. I am so surprised at how incredibly jealous he is! I mean, I had predicted that Boulder would accept the new baby and he's been pretty good. I mean, for him it's probably par for the course - he went through Rocky's arrival, now this new baby. He gets it. But Rocky wants to sit on my body whenever he can get the chance. He hates to see the baby on my body all the time. As I sit here on the floor typing, Rocky is lying next to me with his head in my lap. The minute I start to walk towards my office (where their couch sits), he is up and running with me. He just wants to sleep on me. It's hard to be so torn.

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