Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sick child = YouTube and lots of it

Y'know...for a while I was a bit skeptical about having D watching so much YouTube...she is obsessed with certain videos and sometimes, when I just want her to get her food down at meals without much fuss or mess, I just let her zone in on the Tube.
Last week, she somehow contracted Pink Eye (possibly from Monkey Joe's) and had a cold so we spent a lot of time on YouTube - it's the only way to engage her quietly without her running around exerting too much energy. Sure, there's reading but you can only get in so much of that before she wants to stab herself in the eye.
And now, Daddy's decided to turn Mommy's old iPhone into D's personal iTouch. Wow, isn't she lucky. But she still asks to play with Mommy's phone b/c I think she really loves to watch videos of herself.
By the way, I swear she learns things off of YouTube so certainly it can't be all that bad...
Another funny thing about being sick, I'm not quite sure what they put into those antibiotics, but it must be something akin to CRACK. Case in point - Conversation while D is glued to Mommy's iPhone:

M: D, can mommy have her phone back? I need to make a phone call.
D: No!
M: Okaaaay.

Shortly after,
M: Oh, it's time for your medicine, D!

That girl put down that phone so quickly and ran over to my side clamoring for her meds. Craaack...

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